Bitbull GmbH
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28203 Bremen

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fax +49 (0) 4221 3959896
e-mail mail@bitbullshop.com

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iban DE78290500002002065638

Amtsgericht Bremen, HRB 28481
USt-IdNr.: DE287634642

Geschäftsführer: Jens Günther


BITBULL GmbH from Bremen, Germany has focused its business on the redistribution of high-quality used-IT and for medium-sized enterprises, large companies and public institutions.

Through our acquisition of large-scale, Server landscapes and single workplace constellations we are always able to provide systems in stock in larger numbers.

Whether extending the end-of-life cycle of your IT infrastructure through provision of redundant systems, expansions and spares, or as an alternative to costly replacement - usually older (but not outdated) systems of past generations are able fulfill tasks at a fraction of the cost.

Our range of products include:

  • model or configuration-identical CAD job environments & workstations
  • complete server environments and cluster
  • peripherals (monitors/switches/printer/hand scanner)

Currently in stock in large quantities (workstations/servers)

  • HP SUPERDOME SD32A (20x INTEL Itanium2 1.5GHz/80GB RAM/Tachyon XL2 /LICENCE)
  • HP RP3440 A7137A (Dualcore Pa-RISC 1.0GHz PA8900/16GB RAM/2x73GB 10k)
  • HP RP3440 A7137A (2x Dualcore Pa-RISC 1.0GHz PA8900/16GB RAM/3x300GB 10k)
  • HP RP8420 A6912A (16x Dualcore Pa-RISC 1.0GHz PA8800/96GB RAM/4x73GB 15k)
  • HP RX1620 AB431AR (2x INTEL Itanium 1.6GHz AB482/8GB RAM/2x146GB 10k)
  • HP RX2660 AD245A (2x INTEL Itanium 1.6GHz AB482/16GB RAM/1x146GB SAS 10k)
  • HP Visualize B1000 Workstations (512MB RAM)
  • HP Visualize B2000 Workstations (512MB RAM)
  • HP Visualize C3000 Workstations (1GB RAM, FX5 Grafik)
  • HP Visualize C3600 Workstations (1GB RAM, FX5 Grafik)
  • HP Visualize C3750 Workstations (4GB RAM, FX10 Grafik)
  • HP C8000 Workstations (2x Dualcore 1.0GHz PA8900/ATI Fire GL X3/16GB RAM/73GB 10k)
  • HP Visualize J6700 Workstation (24GB RAM, FX10 Grafik,1-2x 73GB 10K)
  • HP Visualize J6750 Workstation (24GB RAM, FX10 Grafik,1-2x 73GB 10K)
  • HP Visualize ZX6000 Workstation (24GB RAM, X1 Grafik,3x 73GB 10K)
  • SUN SUN Fire X4100 X4200 M2 (AMD 2224SE 3.2GHz 16GB 144GB SAS)
  • SUN SUN Fire X4100 X4200 M2 (AMD 2360SE 2.5GHz QUAD 16GB 144GB SAS)

Currently in stock in large quantities (components):

  • FX5 & FX10 graphic cards (e.g. B2000, B2600, C3600/C3700/C3750/J6750)
  • ATI Fire X1 / X3 graphic cards (e.g. C8000/ZX6000)
  • HP A3864 RAM 1GB memory (e.g. C3600/C3700/C3750/J6750)
  • HP 345114-051/851 2GB memory (e.g. ProLiant D360G3/DL380G5/ML570G3/BL20P G3)
  • HP A8088 RAM 1GB memory (e.g. C8000)
  • HP A8089 RAM 2GB memory (e.g. C8000)
  • IBM 73P3238 RAM 2GB memory (e.g. eServer 326m/IntelliStation A Pro)